Why Us?

Global Travel Investments (GTI)


We pride ourselves on our ability to recognise bold new ideas and reward innovation and creativity...


Enabling New Business Success In The Travel Industry

Global Travel Investments (GTI) specialises in complete travel business investment and support solutions for new travel business entrepreneurs and start-ups. We also provide investment solutions for struggling businesses who need to reignite their fortunes and successful businesses who are seeking a combination of capital investment, logistics and fresh management capability to push on into a profitable future. We focus on enabling long-term growth and positive returns on investments.


We Offer Capital Investment and Expertise

We not only head a team of travel business investors who are offering considerable financial resources for the right projects but also a fully integrated board of experienced business leaders who can help you evaluate the best possible strategy for your travel business, including developing your marketing, sales, customer service, technological, IT and business intelligence systems, ensuring you and we gain the best possible returns and achieve a positive, sustainable outcome.


Why GTI?


At GTI, the delivery of new ideas is our business. It is what we do.
We understand the value of emerging travel trends and sectors, the significance that bold ideas can bring and the power of the Internet and other emerging technologies to synergise business success on a global scale.


We offer a combination of business know how, planning and partnership as well as financial input too for the right projects, allowing new partners to benefit from the considerable insights of our principal management team.


We are especially interested in opportunities in emerging travel markets rooted in the core principles of innovation, technological advancement and a desire to provide outstanding service to customers.


At GTI we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation and a forward thinking approach at all times.


We identify, invest in and support innovative travel businesses and great travel business ideas, helping them to maximise their full potential.

We partner companies and entrepreneurs working in synchronicity, creating sustainable long-term relationships with a single minded focus on creating winning business results through best practice, innovation and our considerable knowledge of the travel industry markets.

New associates, big or small, benefit from the comprehensive integration of our contacts and networks across our global industry partners developed over decades working with the world’s greatest travel companies and organisations.

Operating in a totally open and transparent way we do not offer mere travel business consultancy or travel business investment services but a tailor made mentoring role combining a balance of specialist, professional travel industry advice and hands on involvement, and if necessary a tailor made financial investment package to suit you.



Our principal management team have a proven record of results within the travel industry and retain the hunger and desire to help new business owners, entrepreneurs and existing business owners enjoy similar levels of success.

We are a relatively new company ourselves, established in 2010, but with a senior team which is vastly experienced in all areas of travel and tourism development, and especially air travel and airports.

Mike Howarth, GTI’s CEO, is a Queen’s Award for Enterprise winner. As well as holding senior business development roles at Lufthansa and Manchester Airport his previous company RDG – the Route Development Group - was recognised globally as one of the most innovative new travel businesses of the last decade.

GTI’s management team have also served on the board of many industry organisations such as PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association), the UK Government Advisory Panel for airport development, and over the last 16 years have been instrumental in creating and organising events relating to tourism and aviation in major cities across the world, including:

Abu Dhabi, Cannes, Oslo, London, Rome, Dublin, Amsterdam, Athens, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Hainan (PRC), Thailand, Hyderabad, Sofia, Prague, Toulouse, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Porto, Macau (PRC), Beijing, Cancun and Lima.

Delegate numbers at the above B to B events have ranged from 150 to 5,000 covering all corners of the globe.

Why Us?

Why pursue your opportunity in travel and tourism with us?


The hallmark of GTI is creativity. We only do new ideas, sometimes our own, sometimes ones brought to us. What’s more GTI has the skills, experience and access to resources to successfully implement these schemes or help other entrepreneurs do so.


GTI specialises in delivering complete travel business start-up solutions making the delivery of new ideas a reality.


We can support your new travel business idea and help it reach its full potential.
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