Travel Business Investment Services

Bringing New Travel Business Ideas To Fruition


Global Travel Investments (GTI) is a new player in the world’s air transport, travel and tourism industries.


We both directly undertake new business opportunities and also help other entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into reality.

Below are some of the travel business investment services that we provide…


Business Planning...

The way forward? We have considerable expertise in the field of business planning for the travel and tourism sector. We can put your ideas down in hard copy, from creation to completion of project whilst offering advice, and in some cases equity participation if required.

Our team of financial experts and project managers have vast experience, working solely in the travel and tourism sector.

Our business plans and advice will not only assess the overall viability of your travel and tourism project but cover all aspects of what will be required to launch your business, including start-up capital requirements, financial forecasting, marketing and sales distribution methods, promotional campaigns, management structures, even down to sourcing management if required.


Project Management...

Our commercial and operations team will ensure your travel business venture is successfully project managed. You can be totally confident that your business development plan will be kept on track, working to time lines, deadlines and delivery targets throughout the development of each project, allowing controlled progress to be monitored until final successful delivery. Regular contact and effective communications will be maintained at all times; as well as strict adherence to all legal, health and safety codes in the relevant countries where business activity will take place.

Sales & Marketing...

As part of our travel business investment services we can also advise on and provide full implementation of advertising, sales and marketing campaigns, tailored specifically to the goals and requirements of your business.

Our creative director has unrivalled experience in this field, working with the world’s top advertising houses, specialising in blue chip marketing campaigns in many travel industry sectors. He can advise, mentor or implement marketing and communications both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) and can take on all necessary presentational requirements for stakeholders, as required.

We also have specialist teams skilled in online marketing working only for the travel sector, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, social media experts and link builders.

We Are Not Consultants...

Rest assured, we are not travel business consultants seeking to charge exorbitant fees for advice, planning and development. Initially enquiries are always free and you may even receive some free advice to set you on your way.

Instead we seek to partner new firms, entrepreneurs or anyone with exciting travel industry ideas that have a realistic chance of achieving success.
Find out more about our values at our company page.

Tailor Made Services...

We don’t offer off the shelf investment packages or a one size fits all approach. Instead we provide a unique mentoring and advisory role along with full financial investment and other resources if necessary. We welcome enquiries from new travel business entrepreneurs with promising ideas, quality start-up firms; as well as more established companies.

We partner companies and entrepreneurs working in synchronicity in a totally open and transparent way providing a full integration of our global resources and specialist expertise in the field of air transport, travel and tourism.   


Emerging Market Specialists...

While we provide travel business investment services and expertise for new travel business ideas in all geographical locations we have considerable experience in emerging travel markets.

This includes contacts in many of the world’s Governments who are actively seeking to support travel and tourism, in recognition of its global benefits, travel and tourism being one of the largest economic drivers of worldwide prosperity.

We have a network of travel industry intelligence gathering associates who can advise on present market conditions on an international basis. In addition we also have contacts in many embassies throughout the world that are in the position to supply updates on the latest trading conditions in their area, and provide valuable further contacts and insights.

We can make the difference and remember our investment services are only available for new travel business ideas and companies working in the travel and tourism industries, our dedicated specialist field.

If you need more information about our investment solutions or if you have an idea you wish to discuss then please get in touch via our contact page.

We will be glad to answer any questions you might have.